Telling stories is a wonderful way of using "word pictures" to enhance understanding. My mother "talked in a series of stories" and I guess that rubbed off. I have about 250 story ideas. Most are humorous or topical. A few are serious. All have a "lesson for life" we can learn.  They are about 1 to 2 pages in length. 

Please enjoy three which are included here. Be looking for a "Book of Stories" to be published later in 2015 (God Willing). We will offer the book for sale at a modest price.

How silly of me to think for a moment, no actually not think at all, that God wouldn’t answer our prayers for Shonda’s delivery date. What???

The story is a little bit more involved than that.

How do I describe Frank?

Perhaps a good way is to tell you who “Frank” was. Then describe him.

Frank was a grey/white “horse-mule” my Dad bought when I was about 10 or 11. He paid a whopping sum of $25 for Frank. At the time, he thought Frank was a “steal” for $25 bucks. Remember, back in the early 50’s, $25 was a handsome but reasonable sum of money, even for a horse mule, and particularly in view of the fact that Dad had paid almost $400 for two experienced work mules, Lucy and Sally. Lucy and Sally were worth the $400. Frank clearly was nowhere near worth that kind of money. In fact—

We met Ruby around March of 2013. At first meeting, she was charming, personable, and persistent. From the first time we met her, she displayed the attributes of leadership many look for in those entrusted with the mantle of influencing others. When Ruby put her “mind” to a task, she would not be denied, until she achieved what she had decided to do.

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