Introduction to the “Overcoming" Series from Joshua

            A number of years ago (my guess about 1980), I was enjoying my first experience with leading Small Group Bible Lessons. In searching for interesting material with practical application to the everyday challenges of life, I discovered a small book entitled “Overcoming”, Practical Lessons from the Book of Joshua. Buying that wonderful little paperback of about 150 pages was the best “book investment” I ever made. I devoured it and to this day, can’t thank the author enough for opening this wonderful Old Testament book to me. I found the stories of Joshua so relevant to the challenges of living the everyday life of a Christian. Dealing with and overcoming (with God’s help) the challenges of fear, unbelief, guilt, doubt, disappointment, uncertainty, need for leadership, God’s love and his providence, jumping to false conclusions, and a host of other daily lessons were covered or mentioned in this book.

Since that time, I have lead small group lessons using that book on five different occasions. I would love to know who wrote the book. I can’t find it in print and when I last checked with a very reputable Christian Book store about 2005 I was told the book was no longer in print nor was it available. If any future reader of this content can help me I would be most grateful.

While the original book is no longer available to me, my interest in Joshua and other sources of practical Bible knowledge and application has only grown through the years. I have long since lost count how many small group lessons God has given me the opportunity to research, prepare for and lead but am guessing it is in the hundreds. As I research my archives and records (which my wife has done a much better job of saving than I would ever hope to), I believe I have Small Group Materials from about 20 Books of the Bible. That’s’ enough material to keep me busy for a Long Time.

It is with grateful and loving appreciation to many commentary writers and publishers, authors and the many people who have allowed and enabled me to share my love for gaining and sharing practical Bible knowledge that I dedicate this new adventure of preparing and posting lessons on the web. As my dear wife and I prayerfully considered this heart desire to share practical bible knowledge with as many as God allows till he calls me home, I dedicate this first volume of Joshua (Lessons 1-10). As he wills, Volume 2 will be lessons 11-20 of “what else”, Joshua. Both Volumes are entitled simply, OVERCOMING. God Bless! Please send me an email of how you were able to use the material if you get a chance and oh yeah —-send the Web Site to as many as you can think of and ask them to check it out.

Jerry Barnes

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