Jonah was an Old Testament prophet and preacher.  He is generally accepted as the author of the book of Jonah.  Assuming this as fact, the book takes on an even more insightful meaning.  After running from God, and being swallowed by a big fish, Jonah was able to honestly and candidly look back at his own feelings regarding taking the message of salvation to the Ninevites (who were enemies of Israel).  The fact that he was able to do a self-evaluation, after the fact, is insightful and a source of encouragement to us all.  The Book of Jonah helps us to recognize that the God of Creation can and does care about evangelism to the lost, to the Gentiles, and even to our enemies.  We can be encouraged that God does not want anyone to be lost.  The Book of Jonah provides evidence to that fact.

Also, Jonah had a serious problem with anger.  As a preacher of God's message of love and forgiveness, Jonah showed an almost callous attitude, regarding the souls of the Ninevite people, and their need for God's forgiveness and salvation.  As a result, he resisted God's call and ran from the task He had for him.  We all know what happened after that.

The story of the big fish may have been over played, to the point that Jonah has become mostly a child's story about a whale swallowing a man.  While that is essentially true, the fish story is often overdone, at the expense of focusing on Jonah's real problems - prejudice, anger, and resisting the will of God.  Se we are writing these lessons to confront our human tendency to resist the will of God, including the sin of prejudice, and the problem of anger; and how to deal with each of these faith destroying attitudes.

These lessons are meant to be used as a guide for studying the Book of Jonah, with an emphasis on practical applications for daily living.  These lessons are meant to be shared with anyone interested in studying the Book of Jonah, and for those who may be either dealing with anger of prejudice in their life.  The Bible itself will be your source reference book.

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