According to the Maxwell Leadership Bible, "James is the kind of book you ought to read standing up."  Maxwell also says , "James is a ringing call for action, a plea for vital Christianity and a faith that demonstrates itself, not by mere words, but in lifestyle.  James is one of the most practical books of the Bible, teaching that faith without works and compelling action is dead"!

The great need for practical teaching and application of the scriptures has motivated me to act on the Lord's leading to write lessons from the Bible and put them on the web.  The Book of James teaches principles for living an authentic Christian life, with an emphasis on being a practical, sacrificial servant.  James uses the Greek word, doulos, (or slave) to say that we should have the attitude of a servant for the cause of Christ.

Before we proceed with James's teachings, please allow me to share with you how I see the entire book of James, particularly in view of the above remarks about being a slave or servant for Christ.  I see James, as a message of encouragement, tempered with practical advice to the church (its leaders, teachers, and members).  To that end, each of the five chapter is written to achieve a specific purpose for James's target audience.  There are five main themes in the book.

  • Standing with confidence.
  • Serving with compassion.
  • Speaking with care.
  • Submitting with contrition.
  • And sharing with concern.

James has always strengthened me in times of difficulty and challenges in my life.  So when Satan wants to overwhelm or discourage you, read the Book of James!

It is with genuine and loving concern for every person who will use this material that I say, I sincerely hope you will obtain the blessing and encouragement you will need to press on in service and love for God'a people, His word, and His plan for sharing the Good News to the entire world.

These lessons are designed to be used in a group study, although they could just as easily be used for personal study.  The Book of James (from the Bible) is the only source material to be used for this series of lessons.  These lessons can also be copied from the web @  Please feel free to use and print as many copies as you need.  We do not charge for this material, and we encourage you to share the web site with others who would use the site.

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