When I visit Christian book stores, I always get lost in all the "stuff" there is to look at. Over the years, I've noticed that finding practical lessons that are tailored to understanding the various books of the Bible are in relative short supply. Perhaps what I yearned for the most were practical lessons written "by the layman and for the layman".

Yet, I greatly admire those who feel God's call on their lives and enter full time Christian service. They are on the "front lines" of ministering in day to day lives of God's own.

These lessons are intended to give ministers and laypersons alike an easy to read and understand source of mercifully brief materials, to read for enjoyment and personal study of the Bible itself, or a resource for leading a Sunday School class or small group in the home or church setting.

Please let me know how they helped you or offer any comments that I can consider as my dear wife and I continue working on this project. God Bless! Jerry and Laura

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