Joshua Lesson 7

God’s Way is Always the Right Way

Joshua 5:1-15


  1. Discuss what the phrase “irreversible momentum” means.
  2. Let’s recap the key learning points from Lesson 6.
    1. Waiting on God and seeking him before we proceed with our plans is important; it’s also hard to do.
    2. Circumcism meant “restoring fellowship with God and we are God’s own, created in his image for his purposes. Remember, our battles are not about us alone; rather, they are about God’s leading, our following and God’s victory for us and through us.
    3. We often err when we rush ahead before seeking God’s direction in our challenges.
    4. Life has places and times of change; no more manna means we are to live off the fruit of the land and our own labors. God expects us to work, not expect others to support us.
    5. A place of God’s appearance teaches us to remove the source of impurities from our life, fall before God, repent and worship him, surrender before him and let him lead us.
  3. Discussion Questions:
    1. Ever heard the phrase “the harder I work, the “be-hinder” I get? What does it mean? How could it apply to our Christian walk?
    2. When Joshua ask God what he should do, God told him to “remove his sandals, he was on Holy Ground”!  What should we remove from our lives to worship God in a proper manner?
  4. Let’s look at where Joshua is at this key moment:
    1. He’s standing at the edge of the greatest experience in his life.  Many of us have, are or will be at the same point.
    2. Joshua has seen God do some impressive things.
    3. Joshua has been appointed the leader of the Jews, at an age when most people today are retired or believe they are vastly too old to do anything great for God.
    4. He appears to be facing the greatest challenge of his life in the walled city of Jericho.
    5. The Lord has personally visited and spoken to him
      I believe the keys to facing and overcoming all the challenges in life is found in this passage (Joshua 5:14-15).  Discuss what those keys may be.
  5. Let’s take a look at the Canaanites from the Jewish perspective:
    1. They are in a powerful fortress. Numbers 13:28
    2. This was clearly a formidable physical obstacle for the Jews to overcome and stood in their way to gaining the Promised Land. Located in the lower Jordan Valley, it was the first big obstacle to the rest of the Promised Land.
    3. Jericho was a key decision point in the Jewish conquest of the Promised Land.
    4. They knew God had promised the land to them and had promised to be with them as they occupied it.
    5. They had just seen God manifest himself in the crossing of the Jordan.
  6. Let’s look inside the “Walls of Jericho” from the Canaanite perspective:
    1. It was a city under siege; there was no traffic in or out. Joshua 6:1.
    2. People were paralyzed by fear and in deep trouble. Joshua 2:9-11
    3. Yet, they did not suddenly come to this point.  See Gen 10: 18; 13:13; Gen 19:1-28.
    4. Lesson: God’s judgment will fall on those who iniquity has become full Gen 15:16.
  7. Look at the strategy for walking around the walls from the perspective of its tactics.
  8. Key Lessons that the Jericho account teaches all of us: Review and discuss several of these with the group/class.
    1. Walled cities and military might will not hold back the purposes of God, nor will human effort or the lack of it.
    2. There are no personal “Jerichos” that God cannot help us to overcome.
    3. We should always work, wait on and win with God, not in spite of him. 6:2.
    4. God expects us to follow his plans for our lives, not invent new ones. 6:10.
    5. We should stand firm and silently in faithful service Hab 2:20; Eccl 5:2.
    6. We work in the Lord’s service and nothing appears to happen; we devise a new plan or criticize others that nothing is happening.  Read Eccl 5:2.
    7. Many of the Bible’s promises call for patience on our part.  Isaiah 30:18
    8. Waiting on the Lord is one of the most prominent lessons in overcoming our battles Prov 3:5; Psalms 37:5.
    9. God gives victory to those who follow his plan and obey his will 6:15-16; 20
    10. The real battles in our lives are not with those who oppose or resist us. They are in our hearts and minds
    11. Our battle “walls” are just the same; whether they are a temptation; pride, a weakness; a fear; loneliness; bitterness or unhealthy influences; such walls will only fall by faith in the God who has promised to never leave us or forsake us.   Deut 31:6.
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