Joshua Lesson 18

Living a Life of No Regrets - Remaining Faithful in Serving God

Joshua Chapter 23

1.    Veterans –we should never forget them!  Do we?  How about the church’s older generation? How can we faithfully remember the heroes and saints of the past, and not get caught up in preserving only the status quo?
2.    As we look back on the life of Joshua, one thing is abundantly clear.  He was faithful in obeying God!  How can we follow that example?
3.    In Philemon 9, Paul (in prison) refers to himself as an “old man”.  According to most commentaries, he was in his 60s.

    Q1.  Discuss some reasons why Paul may have been calling himself “old”.  When have you felt “old”, and what caused you to feel that way?

4.    Think back to a time when you were witnessing the last hours or minutes of a loved one’s life.  Almost assuredly, you remember those special last words, and you probably will for the rest of your life.  Similarly, some of the last words that Joshua (at the age of about 110) said to the Israelites, and to each of us, were the following: 
    a.    Be obedient to the word and will of God.  (Joshua 23:6 and 1:7, 8)
        (I)    When we anchor our faith in the regular reading, studying, and meditating on the word of God, we will be taking a huge step towards preserving our spiritual lives. 
        (II)    We will have a strong influence on those around us.
        (III)    It will enable us to lead righteous lives and leave a persevering legacy for future generations.  Read Genesis 18:17-19 and focus on the faithful legacy of Abraham.

    Q2.    Discuss the faithfulness of Abraham and speculate on how we can preserve a legacy of faith.

        (iv)    Obedience, which springs from our hearts, is better than sacrifice. (I Samuel 15:22)

    Q3.    What does that mean?

        (v)    Spiritual blessings flow to those who obey.

    Q4.    What are some spiritual blessings we can receive, or be deprived of? Read Gal. 5:22 and 23.  Which ones do you need to work on in your own life?

    b.    Be set apart.  (Joshua 23:5-8)
        (I)    From worldliness.
        (II)    From influences that can separate us from an active relationship with our Lord.
        (iii)    From bad habits in our lives.

    Q5.    Joshua speaks about not being influenced by the evil around us.  Mention some evils he may have been speaking about that can parallel us today.

    c.    God expects us to love others.  (Lev. 19:33,34; Rom 12:10)
        (i)    After seven years of fighting and struggling, Joshua gives the Jews and us the keys to stability, revival, and harmony in the Jewish nation and in churches, i.e., live in peace.  Show love to each other and show unity of thought and effort.
        (ii)    Romans 5:5 says that God pours out His love by His spirit.  Please note that the key to God pouring out His love is the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. 
    Q6.    Can we inhibit the pouring of God’s love? How?

5.    Review of the lesson. 
    a.    To live a life of no regrets:
        (I)    We need to be obedient to what the Word says, be set apart from influences of the World, and allow the Spirit of God to indwell in us and lead us.
        (ii)    As we allow the Spirit to lead us, God will bless our lives, put His power in our lives, give harmony and bring revival to our church, and allow us to be seen as pleasing in God’s sight.

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