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About Us

  • Jerry has enjoyed preparing and teaching Bible Lessons from a practical, “what does this mean to me at this point in my life” perspective for over 40 years. His passion is leading small group discussions of practical Bible Lessons and helping people of all ages discover how refreshingly real and applicable the Bible is—even today. He has written Bible/Small Group lessons from many Bible Books (both Old and New Testament). Jerry is not a Bible Professor, or a professor of any kind for that matter. He is an Engineer by training and profession, who has traveled much of the world over, and is simply someone who enjoys reading and studying the Bible in search of the “nuggets of wisdom” God has in store for a student of the word. His goal is to give to anyone who wants to read and review the Bible manageable and useful insights, which will enrich the lives of all who study and apply.
    Jerry Barnes Author and Husband
  • Laura has participated in virtually all of Jerry’s classes, and has heard thousands of stories (some of them many times), through the years. She speaks up frequently and adds her keen insight of the word, enriching any class or small group she is a part of. Her teaching heart is fourth and fifth graders, whom she has taught for over 30 years. Together she shares the vision of “giving away” as many rich nuggets of the word as God wills.
    Laura Barnes Editor and Wife
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What's Next

  • The Samuel Series (45 lessons) on Samuel the Prophet (15 Lessons); Saul the King (15 lessons) and David the King (15 lessons).
  • We will be adding a Premium site where bound volumes of each lesson series will be available for the cost of printing, materials, shipping and handling. Jonah, Joshua, James and John will be available in early 2017. The Samuel Series will be available in the fall of 2017. 
  • An ebook of 101 Short Stories will also be available for sale on the Premium site in the fall of 2017.
  • Look for a new series of "Children's Stories" that will also be available on the Premium site in 2017. The book will be called "Ruby and her animal friends".  See the story of "Ruby" on this site
  • 4 or 5 lessons on Jonah in late 2016.
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